Exegy's Fancoil unit is a fully modular design. The unit is based on the AirBox. This consists of six AeroX air-to-water heat exchangers. 

The heat exchangers are made of a polyethylene based elastomer. The heat exchangers owe their light weight and high corrosion resistance to the plastic material.

Depending on the application and the customer's requirements, a filter unit and an adapter to an air duct can be mounted on one or both sides. This makes for easy mounting of the unit in an existing or new air duct system and enables heat to be transferred to, or extracted from, the air to be reused elsewhere.

A basic unit with an adapter to a round channel is sufficient to create a Fancoil unit. A fan is installed in the round section to guide the air through the heat exchangers.

The housing is stainless steel. It can also be made of polyethylene (PE) which is corrosion proof.


Fancoil performance specifications


Technical specifications of Fancoil


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Fancoil dimensions