Development and production of heat exchangers

Exegy is an innovative Dutch company which specialises in developing and producing air-to-water and water-to-water heat exchangers. With a focus on efficiency, stability and sustainability. The company has many years of experience of heat recovery and pre-conditioning, particularly in intensive livestock farming.


Lower energy consumption and reduced emissions

The degree of optimisation of your production process largely defines your company's success. There is much to be gained from lowering energy consumption through energy recovery and reducing emissions. Heat exchangers make this possible. Experience has shown that suitable solutions are usually bespoke solutions. Exegy has the necessary expertise to offer these kinds of innovative solutions.


Through heat recovery

Exegy heat exchangers ensure that the heat released from one process is optimally reused for heating other processes. In other words: this efficient and sustainable solution separates heat from one gas (air) or liquid (water) and transfers it to another gas or liquid, for instance in buildings where there is a continuous supply of fresh air and the continuous removal of spent air. Ventilation air which leaves a building often has a higher temperature. This has a certain energy value. The heat exchanger extracts the heat from this air and reuses it to heat the fresh air before introducing it into the building. This is called heat recovery. Result: lower energy costs, improved comfort and reduced CO2 emissions. 


Plastic heat exchangers

Exegy's robust AeroX air-to-water and HydroX water-to-water heat exchangers consist of purpose-developed flexible, thin-walled polyethylene (PE) tubes that ensure maximum heat transfer. The PE heat exchanger packages are virtually maintenance-free and can withstand temperatures far below freezing point. Even if the liquid in the heat exchanger were to freeze, it would not damage the package.  And this heat exchanger is also resistant to a wide range of fluids and aggressive environments.  Corrosion has definitely become a thing of the past. 


Heat exchanger applications

Exegy heat exchangers can be used in the following situations:

•    to recover low-grade energy in ventilation & waste water 
•    to comply with statutory energy saving obligations
•    to store energy 
•    to cool incoming air using groundwater 
•    for heating in conjunction with a heat pump system or TES 
•    for offshore purposes: to extract energy from seawater or to use seawater for cooling
•    for swimming pools: to recover energy from fresh water 
•    fish farms: to recover energy from fresh water


An Exegy module (1600mm package) contains 198 tubes with a total length of approx. 320 metres and a joint heat exchanging area of approx. 8 m2.


The payback time was taken into account when developing the product. A simple calculation will tell you how quickly our products will pay themselves back in your specific situation.


Exegy guarantees a sound climate solution, 365 days a year. We develop and produce our heat exchangers in-house and they are installed professionally by our partners. Using sustainably responsible methods. That is our guarantee for a good and sustainable climate.  


Would you like to know more about what Exegy heat exchangers can do for you?
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