Ventilation unit for heating/cooling air

The Cube has been designed to enable two, three, or four sides to be fitted with heat exchanger packages. Each filled side contains five AeroX air-to-water heat exchanger packages. When fitted with a housing, the Cube can be used as a roof unit or installed along a building.

On the one hand, the air can be sucked into the Cube through the packages. The air will then take on the temperature of the water and thus cool down or warm up.

On the other hand, the air can be blown out through the Cube and the heat exchanger. The water in the heat exchanger packages will cool down or heat up by extracting cold or heat from the air. This transferred energy can then be reused for heating or cooling the air.


Dimensions of the Cube 0.9 

The Cube 0.9 is 1600 mm long, 1600 mm wide and 1130 mm high. The figure below shows the version without any housing. This is suitable for indoor use.


Cube 0.9 performance specifications 

The specifications in the table below are based on a temperature difference of 15°C between the incoming air and the incoming water. The flow rates only serve as examples. More or less water and air is possible. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

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