An appropriate solution for each application

AeroX heat exchangers are ideally suited for industrial, agricultural and offshore applications. Heating, cooling and heat recovery are just some of the possibilities offered by these heat exchangers which are often combined with air scrubbers, TES systems, heat pumps, etc. The AeroX consists of purpose-developed, flexible, thin-walled polyethylene (PE) tubes that ensure maximum heat transfer. The materials chosen ensure that the heat exchanger packages can withstand temperatures far below freezing point; the liquid in the heat exchanger may freeze, but this will not damage the packages.

Since the heat exchanger is made of PE, it is resistant to a wide range of liquids and aggressive environments, making corrosion a thing of the past.

Since dirt does not easily adhere to the smooth surface of the tubes, little or no cleaning is required. And any cleaning that is necessary will be very easy to do. In combination with the AeroX's corrosion resistance, this is your guarantee of the continued high efficiency of the AeroX for many years, and which is in stark contrast to conventional heat exchangers whose efficiency often decreases quickly. AeroX packages can be interconnected to increase capacity. This enables optimum heat exchangers to be offered and created for all situations.

Before leaving our factory, our heat exchangers are extensively tested for any leakages and production errors. This enables Exegy to maintain a consistently high quality.

Sustainability and energy efficiency have become increasingly important in today's society. Exegy heat exchangers offer solutions for various different applications: 


A summary of our products that can offer solutions for all applications is provided below. 

Waste water heat recovery
Waste water heat recovery Sustainable alternative to conventional systems

Suitable for public swimming pools and fish farms.

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Pre-conditioning in the agricultural sector
Pre-conditioning in the agricultural sector More constant temperature of ventilation air

Suitable for intensive livestock farming.

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Split-coil application in the agriculture sector
Split-coil application in the agriculture sector Reduction of energy consumption

Suitable for intensive livestock farming

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Pre-conditioning for industrial purposes
Pre-conditioning for industrial purposes Lower energy consumption and optimum production area cooling

Suitable for factory halls and exhibition buildings.

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Split-coil industry
Split-coil industry To lower energy consumption

Suitable for factory halls and exhibition buildings.

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Water-to-water heat exchanger using surface water
Water-to-water heat exchanger using surface water Easy system for sustainable heating and cooling

Suitable for all types of homes and business premises located near surface water.


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