Pump sikds

For lower energy consumption and improved robustness
Pump sikds

The operation principle of AeroX and HydroX heat exchangers is based on fluid flowing through the tubing. Their flow resistance is very low compared to that of metal heat exchangers. A properly dimensioned system will therefore require relatively little electrical energy. A number of pumps with special pump characteristics have been selected for this purpose.

These pumps guarantee the highest possible efficiency. The pump skids feature a pre-programmed frequency converter to provide speed control. You can read out the flow rate and the pressure supplied by the pump at a glance. This makes the application of these pump skids even more attractive. Furthermore, the pump skids feature an automatic filling device, a pressure relief valve, and pressure gauges. The pump skids come in several different versions. To achieve larger capacities, pumps are cascaded to make maximum use of our standard components. Advantages include lower energy consumption and higher robustness.

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